Law Firm M & O

Successful firms have a good governance and management structure in place and effectively manage the firm.

At the root of every successful law firm, no matter how large or small, is a strong management structure. But many firm managers and partners find themselves spinning their wheels, handling administrative “fires” as they come up and moving onto the next task instead of operating from a consistent managerial framework.

By putting into place some standard (and time-tested) practices, policies, and procedures, you’ll be able to better focus on long-range planning issues. Operating from a proactive, rather than a reactive, position can significantly shift your perspective and improve efficiency firm-wide.

Law Firm Management and Operations Services We Provide

  • Analyzing Quantity, Quality, and Economic Soundness of Work Product
  • Formulating Policies to Implement Firm Philosophy
  • Short-Term and Long-Range Financial Planning
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Partner Compensation and Profit Distribution Systems
  • Other Administrative Services

How can we help you?

Koma Consulting Group offering multiple business services like finance and accounting, billing and collection, human resources and management for Law Firms.