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Welcome to Koma Consulting Group P.C.!

Running a successful law firm can often leave attorneys with little time to do the most important work of all: representing clients. Enter Koma Consulting Group PC. We take care of your back office management and accounting so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business!

What We Do

Koma Consulting Group handles law firms’ business consulting, accounting, operations, and other management needs.

  • Accounting and Taxes

With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 taking effect in tax year 2018, having someone in your corner to steer you toward the most tax-efficient transactional structures and ensuring you maximize all available deductions can allow you to use these changes to your firm’s advantage for years to come.

  • Billing and Collection

Although attorneys must handle some aspects of the debt collection process, like obtaining a default judgment, a consultant can take on tasks like sending out bills, receiving and processing payments, and even seeking out payment from clients who have fallen behind. Using a consultant with experience in this area can also ensure that your billing practices reflect the most current (and effective) trends.

  • Law Firm Management and Operation

Financial planning and forecasting are important for just about any business, but a law firm’s unique structure can make skilled planning even more crucial to success. We can provide reliable management and operation services, including the advice you need to make the best decisions for your firm in both the short- and long-term.

  • Human Resources and Payroll

In today’s regulation-heavy hiring environment, maintaining compliance with all applicable state and federal employment laws is crucial to a law firm’s success. By delegating your human resources requirements to Koma Consulting Group, you’ll eliminate time spent on background checks, scheduling interviews, and even drafting offer letters for new employees.

Payroll can also be a headache for law firms of every size, so having a consultant to assist with streamlining your payroll process and putting recommended changes into action can improve employee satisfaction and management productivity.

What We Know

Koma’s consultants are adept at using a wide range of legal accounting and case management software, including Aderant, Coyote, Rippe, Elite, PCLaw, Tabs, ProLaw, Timeslips, Clio, QuickBooks, Xero, Abacus, and more.

We have experience with the needs and requirements of large, medium, and small law firms, as well as solo practitioners and non-traditional arrangements. We can customize a business and accounting management plan to fit any—and every—law firm.

Let us handle your back-office management and accounting services so that you can work on growing your business and helping your clients achieve their goals.

About Us

Koma Consulting Group PC is committed to offering array of accounting, billing, collection, HR and business management services to Law Firms and attorneys of all kind.

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Satisfied Clients


Profesional Skills


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